Moto Moto was the hucky male hippo was Gloria's boyfriend until she relized he only liked her for her looks.Moto Moto seems shallow,probly because all the female hippos at the watering hole have a crush on him.Moto Moto has a liking for female hippos who are large,which is why he fell for Gloria.It's inknown if he'll be in the third movie or not.



Moto Moto and Gloria fell for each other whilst she was at the watering hole geting shacked up with other female hippos and drinking coco nut milk.He then rose marched up to and laid on her belly and she said nice belly handsome you're plumpy girl and then kissed her and she merely closed her eyes and enjoyed it they dated for a while after and then ask her to lay with him in the pond they starting kissing the moment she did.When Gloria pulled his manhood out Moto Moto looked confused and she said motey take my pussy the two hippos then mated and laid snuggled top each other smiling satisfied.


Melman was Moto Moto's rival for Gloria affections.When Melman found out about Gloria's date with Moto Moto he got jealous,and ended up aruging with her.Melman later took King Julien advice about telling Gloria about his feelings for her.When Melman found her,she was on her which Moto Moto,which he told to treat her the way he way,making Gloria relize that Melman,not Moto Moto was her true love.