Mort is a Goodman Mouse Lemur that greatly admires King Julien.Unfortorely,King Julien does'nt like him much,if at all.Mort is best know for his cuteness.

Mort he is voiced by Andy Richter who also voiced, Lenny from zLenny the Wonder Dog. Natoru from The Cat Returns, Gregory from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby,

First Madagascar MovieEdit

Mort was the first lemur that the main characters encountered,due to his size,they believed him to be a baby.After seeing this,the other lemurs(expect Maurice)believed that they were safe to be around.When Alex's pretory insecnts kicked in,Mort said that "he's gone savage".Mort was later seen being offered as a meal to Alex.

Merry MadagascarEdit

Mort did'nt have much of a role in Merry Madagascar.he was seen at the Main Characters' own farewell party(as the only one there),and later asking Santa if he could make him a wooden toy too.

Second Madagascar MovieEdit

Mort's role in the second Madagascar movie was tring to get to King Julien due him slamming the door so Mort can't get in.Mort caught up with King Juilen at the end of the movie.


King JulienEdit

Desptie Mort's amirdtion of him,King Julien does'nt like Mort.He usually tries ways to get rid of him,such as kicking him in front possibly dangerous animals to offering him as food.King Julien almost got away from Mort in the second movie when he slammed the plane door in Mort's face,but Mort ended up cacthing up with him in the end of the movie.