Gloria and melman

Gloria,and Melman togather in the first Madagascar film.

The romance between Melman,and Gloria started out as a love triangle in the second Madagascar film as Melman-Gloria-Moto Moto.This was because of Melman too afraid to tell Gloria how he felt, and Gloria having feelings for the hunky Moto Moto, which disappered when Gloria relized that Moto Moto only liked her for her looks, and begain to devople feelings for Melman when he told Moto Moto how he would treat Gloria if he were in his postion.

First Part of the Second Madagascar FilmEdit

Melaman and Gloria did show much interaction with each other.

Second Part of the Second Madagascar FilmEdit

It is reaveled that Melman had hidden feelings for Gloria when they were crash landing into Africa. He yelled out his feelings for her but she was asleep during the crash and did not hear him. There feelings for each other are later mentioned when Melman is jealous of Moto Moto and when Gloria saved him from falling into the volcan. They are later an official couple, though Alex and Marty seemed wierded out by this.

Third Part of the Second Madagascar FilmEdit

They are closer than ever when Gloria teaches him to dance in the circus on a tipe rope.

Third Madagascar FilmEdit


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They should really think of getting it on pretty soon.